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Then Saturday Comes is written by Matthew Reville

mat-face4My name is Matthew Reville, and I am a news journalist for the Peterborough Evening Telegraph.  This blog has absolutely nothing to do with the P.E.T. and is just a casual way to get some writing experience.

I am a die-hard Leicester City fan and have been going to matches since the 1991-92 season, taking in all the highs and lows associated with supporting The Foxes for almost 20 years.

My previous experience includes working for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club’s marketing/PR department, where I worked for six weeks after my graduation from the University of Sheffield in 2007.  During my time there, I contributed to the club’s website and match-day program, as well as helping to organise the club’s 125th anniversary celebrations by creating posters and contacting national media and past players.

As well as my full-time position in Peterborough I have experience working in the Sheffield Star, Cambridge Evening News and Leicester Mercury newspapers.  I have also regularly contributed to magazines in Los Angeles (The Indie Portal) and Leicester (Soar Magazine).   In all these positions I have gained experience with writing original content, press releases and liaising with media on a national level.

Testament to my love of football, I also helped set up the UK’s first inter-university Fantasy Football League, which has received press attention in The Telegraph, thanks largely to our celebrity endorsement from Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock!

Anybody looking to get in touch should email


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Revs, you are truly the most beautiful man I have ever met, inside and outside.

Marry me.

Comment by Henry Thomas

Matthew Reville, did you write that post by Henry? Anyway, I want to know if you invented the little photo animation things, especially the wacko jacko nose tip falling off!! it’s awesome! as is the pope (animation, im not catholic). if not, matty reville, your a little scumbag for stealing them!

Comment by Kimbo

oops wrong your, i meant you’re.

Comment by Kimbo

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