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An ode to Europe’s finest mind (apart from Roy Hodgson)

Rafa knows

Red Devils, Chelsea and l’Arse all out by May
Anfield still to host European big days
Fools all wrote off the Liverpool boss
Although I doubt he gave much of a toss

Kopites thought their season was done
Now they realise how right it’s gone
Opportunity to win some Europa gold
When they thought they were in the cold
Should have known Rafa’s values were bold

Because dropping out in the first round
Enlarged his chances of becoming crowned
Sure it’s not as good as the Champion’s League
To win the Europa would still strengthen his creed

So now we see his wonderful plan
Of getting knocked out as fast as you can

None of the other managers in the Prem
Even Fergie, Ancelotti or Arsene
Verge on Rafa’s chance for success
Europa winner would have a nice stress
Regardless of whether Riera thinks you’re a mess

Daggers were out for the fat Spanish man
Over the elimination he lost many a fan
Until tonight when we all understood
Because now you can see through all of the mud
To understand his plan while Fergie’s turned to crud

Happy days for the scousers are here once more
I‘m sure many trophies will come to their door
Man U, Arsenal + Chelsea in Europe? Jamais retour


I do hope you enjoyed my little poem about Rafa Benitez.

If you are a fan of Liverpool, Chelsea or Manchester United don’t worry, you can follow the other TV soaps – they carry on after the Champion’s League TV finishes.

For the record I still think Rafa is rubbish, but for tonight: “Vamos Rafael, vamos!”



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