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A big build up for a little trick
March 10, 2010, 10:21 pm
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Does anybody else get the feeling that this season lacks a bit of the magic of years gone by?

True, it may just be evidence of the biological clock tick-tocking, but it doesn’t seem as exciting that Manchester United can beat AC Milan 4-0 at home as it would have done even two seasons ago.

The fact that Niclas Bendnar scored a hat-trick doesn’t really resonate in the same way that a Ronny Rosenthal trio of strikes would have done in the mid-nineties.

This lamentable apathy is not reserved to the Champion’s League. I don’t really feel that watching the Premiership is any great shakes.

Chelsea and Manchester United and are all so much worse this year than in previous campaigns that their routine 2-0 victories don’t make my heart palpatate.

Similarly, Liverpool and Arsenal now seem so misanthropic that their results seem like an irrelevant score in the midsts of time.

However, I’m not one to blast the beautiful game. If you don’t like watching it join the group of cerebrially challenged misanthropes that believe a sporting challenge is improved if there are either studmarks or a lack of public interest involved.

Rather, we should concentrate in these times of team dominance on the frailties of the individuals within these behemoths.

It’s a good thing, then, that we still have moronic individuals to put onto pedestals and lament for the fools they are.

This is what intrinsically makes football better han the drones of rugby, the  yokels of cricket and the dweebs of tennis. It involves sporting prowess but also all the marketable elements of the Victorian Freakshow.

The purpose of this update offers no further reason than to present this video, to remind you all that in a time when football results are repetitive and boring, we as true football fans should dedicate ourselves to the true pursuit in sport: focusing on individuals and praising them when they are very, very good, but castigating them when they are very, very bad.

Not necessarily bad on the pitch, but bad nonetheless.


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Shame its all about the race for 4th. Arsenal’s run in is the only hope of an exciting finish. How Bentdner can manage a hat trick against Porto and struggle against Burnley doesnt inspire me with confidence though

Comment by Lee

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