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Transfer window shuts without any big names going through it

The transfer window has slammed shut for another season and while there was a decent amount of activity there wasn’t a great deal of movement from big name players.

Whereas in previous years the players whose names rake in a fortune at the club shop’s printers have moved club, this year it’s been the smaller named players who have made the moves.

Included in the list of movers is Robbie Keane (5 letters), Moses (5), Okaka (5), Healy (5) Mido (4), Bent (4). Even Championship trendsetters Leicester City only brought in Alex Bruce, who has a combination of just 4 and 5 letters.

Even I’m a bigger name than those jokers (7).

How I pine for the day of the big name players making this last-minute shopping more fun. Just last year we had Arshavin (8) and Quaresma (9) coming to the Premiership.

As well as the Scrabble quality of players moving, there is also a distinct lack of footballers with top ability moving.

You may think that this is because of the global credit crunch but take my word for it that you are wrong. I got an A in Economics A Level so don’t bother arguing with me, I’m fiscally astute.

The reason for this is probably that we are in World Cup season and nobody wants to move to upset there chances of being picked for their respective countries.

I don’t think it’s any great surprise that the big movers came from countries that failed to qualify for the finals. The big international movers play for Egypt (Mido), Scotland (Alan Hutton) and Ireland (Robbie Keane).

Despite the ongoing pleas of the Irish, none of those boys are going to the World Cup.

So FIFA bigwig Sepp Blatter (looking shift on your left) has once again acted to the detriment of the English Premiership’s top sides. How dare he organise this silly summer competition to ruin our Winter transfer fun day?

Once again it’s one rule for Swiss baldies in ivory towers and another for the rest of us.

I say we take our lead from the brave fans of FC United of Manchester ‘Newton Heath’ United Forever Love United Hate Glazers and take this matter very, very seriously and burn effergies of Mr Blatter (if that is his real name).

Please join me in declaring your anger at FIFA by posting your venom at this link.


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