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Manchester United lost to who????

It's all gone wrong for poor old Fergie

De La Soul may have quipped that three is the magic number, but Leeds United boss Simon Grayson is now more synonymous with that statement than the New York rappers.

In the first time in human memory, a team from the THIRD tier beat a team that has won THREE successive Premiership titles in the THIRD round of the FA Cup (on the THIRD of January).

When the draw was made “Me, Myself and I” said Leeds faced a “No Go” to the next round of the cup situation.

However, it turned out that “Eye Know” nothing because when the “Stakes Is High” Leeds United were “So Good” that their aspirations for a 4th round “Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays” could not be “Held Down”.

Even if you hate De La Soul puns I’d like to make “4 More”.

Manchester United didn’t “Watch Out” and it paid dividends for the Leeds fans who have been “Keepin’ The Faith”. Although there may be “Potholes in Ken Bates’ Lawn” they left the Old Trafford faithful sighing “Oooh”.

In reality, the achievement warrants btter reporting than this De La Soul pun marathon has thus far provided.

Perhaps clues over the reason I am reticent to concentrate on the reality of the situation comes from the below image.

Never again will I give £50 to someone called Shannon. Shannons and Matthews do not mix well.

That’s right, at half time I saw the score was 0-1 to Leeds and thought “this won’t continue”. I sauntered down to the closest bet house during my lunch break from work and walloped 50 smackers on Man United to turn it around in the second half.

I should interject here that such a stupid bet was prompted by winning £48.57 last week on an accumulator, so in reality I’m only down £1.43.

Ultimately that meant I was probably the only neutral not loving the fact we have got further than the Red Devils during this glorious FA Cup campaign.

Sadly at this inevitable segway into Leicester City’s emotional heroics over Swansea City, I must report that it’s business as usual in the next round. Drawn away to Bristol City or Cardiff for the annual meek loss away to a team slightly better than us.

Anyway, back to them big guns you like to read about and fawn over and adore.

A lot of people have said that the FA Cup has lost muclh of its magic. And it has.

Frankly, it doesn’t really resonate that all of the Big Four struggled to qualify any more. This tournament is the third most important to them, and to be honest is closer to the League Cup in terms of priorities than the Premiership or European Cup. Or UEFA Cup in Liverpool’s case (lols)

.Still, it is good to see the smaller teams beating the giants. It may give a misguided slant as to the differences between these teams (which are still collosal over a 38 game season), but it gives the fans a bit of a cheer and that’s what it’s all about.

That and losing £50.


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