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Megson’s reign of terror(ble) football is over
January 1, 2010, 9:08 pm
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Like the Kaiser Chiefs, every day Gary Megson loves his kids less and less

So 2010 has rolled into town, and as we all woke up in this futuristic utopia before eating our breakfast of three vitamin pills while rushing to the hoverbus his morning, there was one man who was deflated going into the next decade.

Poor Gary Megson has been given his marching orders from gritty Bolton following two years of dull football. The man with no charisma sent his Bolton team out every week with two ambitions: keep the score 0-0 and at no stage must any player show even a hint of glamour.

After his sacking Meggles was understandably down in the dumps. I am always a little reticent to pawn too much sympathy onto sacked football managers as they bizarrely receive their contract money in full and then waltz into another job in a matter of weeks.

Iain Dowie is probably still getting paid by about four clubs.

Anyway, the man the tabloids don’t call Meg-So hit out at the Bolton fans that yawned him out of the box in a prepared statement that exudes the charisma that clearly wowed Bolton chairman Phil Gartside during his job interview.

I’m not sure about you but whenever I read a quote by Gary Megson I like to imagine him saying it in a sarcastically effeminite voice. Try it out yourself you’ll have a good time.

“It used to surprise me that the reaction I got was a lot different around the country from the one in Bolton.

“I have been absolutely delighted by the reaction to my sacking by Bolton from real football people.

“The Bolton fans’ reaction was made plain at the first game. They made their feelings known but I was really excited and I was looking forward to joining Bolton and I would do so again.”

Megson, yesterday

However, what the boresome Meggo fails to note is that those people who were criticising him were paying a small fortune to watch a football being launched into the stands for 90 minutes.

The Megsomaniac managed to do what seemed impossible: making the team Fat Sam Allardyce assembled even more workmanlike.

To be fair to the Ginger Rotter, he did a decent job at the Trotters. His job was to keep Bolton in the Premiership and he did that for two years while teams with vastly superior resources got relegated.

But although everyone realises that football is a results game, there is supposed to be a little bit of fun. There simply wasn’t in Megbox’s time in charge. I’ve had more fun watching rugby… rugby!

Can you name anything a Bolton player has done in the last two years? Other than the odd Matty Taylor individual goal (which would have happened even if Sammy Lee was still in charge at the Reebok).

There may be a hint of schaudenfreude in my lament of The Megdog because he walked out on Leicester City to take over at the Trotters Bowl. But to be fair if I held a grudge against every crap Leicester manager I’d be as bitter as that guy Adolf Hitler. And frankly I listen to too much Glamma Kid to get dragged down in such things.

“You want VAT? That sound like robbery to me rudeboy, you get me?”

Anyway, let’s not forget the good times of Gary Meghead’s reign of terror(ble) football. We may meet again, ginger Prince, but until then leave the memories alone!


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