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December 23, 2009, 10:20 pm
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HOOLIGANISM: it's propa nawty

For reasons best known to them, the police have released the number of fans suspended for each club in the top two divisions of English football two days before Christmas.

I suppose this is to name and shame clubs into thinking “oh cripes haven’t we got some bad eggs, I do wish that our supporters wouldn’t be such a bunch of rugrats”. However, as with anything involved with football and authorities the opposite is true.

Any real football fan wants their club to be as high on the list as possible.

In real life you would hate to interact with the kind of oik that gets banned from a football ground (how bad must your behaviour to incur such a fate, by the way?). But, although you would hate the individual, it’s strangely satisfying to know they are there.

It also detracts from the idea that your club is full of ‘plastics’: it is much better to have supporters in prison than on the sofa with a bottle of WKD in hand at home, I  am sure  you agree.

Here is the Premiership’s figures of fan bans per teams, conveniently put into a league table so you don’t have to bother working out where your team ended up;

Incidentally, the top 6 of the Championship is Cardiff City (124), Newcastle United (99), Middlesborough (82), Swansea City (65), Leicester City (57) and Sheffield United (51).

Which just goes to prove the Welsh and the north-east are scummers, and I was born in a city of (and frequented the university of) toerags.

Anyway, please feel free to study the table and proudly throw out yuor club’s position  in any fights you have over the festive season. Nothing brings the yuletide cheer quite like a good statistical row about violence.

I need to cut this one short to pack a Christmas adventure to Leicester. To prove that I still love you please take five minutes to remember what life was like when Leicester City used to be good old ‘League One Leicester City’;

Mutu Crespo!


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