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December 9, 2009, 5:05 pm
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Image taken from Barry Hayles' very own website. If you don't believe me click on it.

As Leicester City slumped to a second thumping defeat in a week the inevitable has happened; the idiots are rising.

Murmurs of discontent about Dr. Nigel Pearson’s abilities as manager have been whispered by the great unwashed at the Walkers Bowl.

The Blue Foxes stumbled to a 3-1 reverse at home to Bristol City, which coming off the back of a 5-1 mauling away at Nottingham “Notts” Forest made for a catastrophic week for the world’s favourite football team.

Both performances were devoid of any life, featuring 11 very uninterested athletes for whom the presence of a football got in the way of an otherwise nice winter stroll.

Modern football is such that, irrespective of the manager’s record before a dismal game, they are always deemed the sole factor for any bad performance. Although Pearson should (and has) taken responsibility for the recent wobble, the fans have got to remember the fantastic 15 months that have preceeded it.

Dr. Pearson supervised over Leicester City getting the most number of points ever in any season of all time in history. This may not be quite true, but we did stonk in close to 100 points in our first ever season in League One, romping the division.

Although the league is not prestigious, the quality of Pearson’s job can be seen by compaing our immense success compared to the struggles of teams like Forest, Leeds and Man City in the same division.

Even before the “wobble” began, we were third in the Championship. THIRD!  That’s ridiculously high.

The problem is that Leicester City fans, like most clubs, are generally morons. This is not a subjective opinion – even a footballing virgin would identify that by listening to one of our reliably farcical radio phone ins.

Who can forget the woman saying the man for the manager’s job after Holloway got us relegated was Jose Mourinho?

Anyway, these morons have now started to turn on Dr. Nigel. Nonsense, of course.

For me, this wobble (which, although only two games, is pretty accurate from the lamentable way we lumbered to those two ‘results’) actually has more to do with this man.

That’s right… Big Edgar.

Ex-World Heavyweight Champion of the World Davids was courted publically by Drs. Pearson and Mandaric. However, he eventually wanted too many pennies so the deal never came off.

Although Davids is almost certainly not a great player any more, and there’s plenty of credibility to the opinion he may now be awful, courting him in such a public way could have been a huge mistake on a team that looked like a play-off team getting solid results.

Firstly, it left the fans with a bit of a damp squib. Instead of having the glamorous former captain of footballing heavyweights Holland, we were watching Matt Oakley.

Although we had always been watching Matt Oakley, you only realise you’re watching Matt Oakley once Edgar Davids has been thought of as a replacement.

It’s pretty natural that courting such a high profile means the fans start to question the ones we’ve got already, and wondering why we’re not playing more footballers on the front cover of bygone FIFA computer fames.

Secondly, and more pertinently, failing to bring in Davids showed a lack of ambition to the players. He may have been rubbish now but, after looking like they’d be rubbing shoulders with a legends, you can imagine why young players like Andy King or Matt Fryatt would be excitably updating their Facebook status/Twitter feed about their new teammate.

Instead, the tagged photos will be of that pesky Matt Oakley again.

Matt Oakley?

Matt Oakley!

Matt Oakley.


Anyway, Dr Nigel will sort it out. I’m holding out for an inspirational signing to re-invigorate the club. If we’re sticking with the OAP route, Sol Campbell appeared to be a great option until Manchester United seem to have grabbed that one.

On the other side of the scale we could just get an Arsenal youngster. That Tom Cruise lad sounds rather exciting.

Alternatively we could sack Pearson and appoint Joe Kinnear or Harry Bassett.  Oi oi!


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