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When Irish eyes aren’t smiling (they are alarmingly myopic)
November 30, 2009, 9:33 pm
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What the Irish FA seem to think happened

In a fantastically bitter move, the Irish FA have farcically requested that they be allowed to enter the 2010 World Cup as the unprecedented 33rd team.

Ireland had a lot of sympathy points to bask in after Thierry Henry slapped the ball into William Gallas’ face to allow the French to unjustly progress during their World Cup Qualification Death Match. Yet they are now doing their level best to erode those feelings of solidarity from the footballing world by acting like the most angry footballing entity since Jens Lehmann.

First of all, they should not qualify because although they were treated unjustly they were never robbed of a spot in the tournament. At no stage during their qualification match against France were they ever actually in the lead, yet the way they are collectively winghing you would think that they were 3-0 up before Thierry Henry started to grab every football he saw and throw it into Ireland’s goal (while also breaking Shay Given’s jaw with a Stone Cold Stunner).

Such a thing never happened, sadly.

Instead, Ireland were battling bravely against a French team struggling to find form. If that’s a reason to deserve qualification without actually achieving it then there are probably a good dozen teams that could argue they deserve to be at the World Cup simply because they played at a competitive level against someone who has actually successfully qualified.

Secondly, and more importantly, there is the question of a precedent. If FIFA were to accept that Ireland were cheated by poor officials, then any football team anywhere that is ever privy to a bad decision by a referee will simply be able to whistle at Sepp and the game will be cancelled.

This could hurtle us towards a sport where the game is played on the pitch and the trophies decided in a courtroom.

Alternatively, we could be treated to a series of rematches from contentious games. Who wouldn’t pay to watch “England vs Germany… the 1966 World Cup Revisited”?  After all, it was a dodgy decision that turned the game.  And I’m sure ESPN would be interested in showcasing the match.

Of course, England would only start with 9 men due to Alan Ball and Bobby Moore’s permanent inavailability – The Daily Mail should give them the David Bentley treatment. Call yourselves patriots?

Sadly, Germany’s players are all probably as fit as a fiddle because they were created during the Nazis’ Eugenics experiments. The Deutscheballers would probably win this rematch comfortably.

And for that reason, and many more, I hope the Irish fail in their outrageously illogical request. Compared to the bonkers idea of awarding sympathy places at the World Cup I would much rather see sights like the below one that sparked the controversy.

If you don’t agree with the Irish FA that the above happened I would like to formally challenge you to a fight, because even if I lose it I will get the WBO to overturn the decision and I’ll be Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Eat that haters!


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