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Loving Fat Frank and other international casuals
November 13, 2009, 9:49 pm
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frankly lampsInternational football, who needs it? Yeah, it’s great for two weeks every other year, but other than that it just gets in the way of the proper fun. Still, at least the pros are doing their best to make the week as fun as possible before the inevitably drab games kick off.

Firstly, where better to start than old Fat Franky Lamps. FL7, as nobody calls him, managed to get injured while sitting on a plane to Dubai, where England are inexpicably playing Brazil tomorrow.

The bakery fan apparently tore a thigh muscle due to the strain of sitting in an economy class seat. That seems quite unlikely, but I did myself receive a bizarre ankle injury from sitting at a desk for too long a couple of weeks ago. So apart from the multimillionaire success side of things, me and Lamps are pretty similar beasts.

In previous updates I may have drifted into a sea of hypothetical injuries, such as Ossie Ardiles choking on a glowstick or other such frivalities, but not these days. Sadly the game has been upped and there is a better blog than mine in town, called The Long Ball Tactic. Give it a read, it tends to be much more engrossing than this hastily assembled tat.

Getting onto more tangible matters, the first round of the World Cup qualifiers are booked for the weekend. To be fair this is genuinely exciting stuff, and is the best international football gets outside of the proper tournaments.

Sadly, FIFA decided to quite openly fix the draw through their inevitable decision to seed the teams once it became likely that one of the big guns wouldn’t make it. Therefore we have been denied potentially mouthwatering tie such as Portugal vs Russia.

That said, I do think that Ireland and France are probably quite well balanced. If you hadn’t watched much football since Euro 2008 you may think France will wipe the floor with the Irish. Indeed even in personnel the Champion’s League regulars such as Nicolas Anelka, Thierry Henry and Eric Abidal would on paper destroy Premiership dogsbodies such as Glenn Whelan, Keith Andrews and Kevin Kilbane.

However where Trappatoni is succeeding for the Irish, the painfully inept Raymond Domenech is floundering for the French.  While Ireland play as a team, France stutter as a collection of undisputably talented individuals.

“It’s a tight one for sure so it is.”

Evidence of this difference in outlook is apparent from the (apparently real) documents leaked online earlier this week. I have to say I doubt they are genuine, but if they are there is no way anyone could begrudge the Irish of a victory and a place in the World Cup. The competition would, without doubt, be more fun with the Irish than the French.

Check out this correspondance;

My heart says Ireland will win, but my head says France.

Qualifier predictions (over both legs)
France beat Ireland
Russia beat Slovenia
Portugal beat Bosnia
Ukraine beat Greece


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Well, both my heart and my head say France will win 🙂
Really funny correspondance, I wish it was genuine…

Comment by clem

Truthful words, some truthful words man. Thx for makin my day.

Comment by arestiviokise

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