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Kanye West…

Serena Williams…

Emmanuel Adebayor…

What do they all have in common? Yep, that’s right; they’re all bla…tantly in need of anger management classes.

When Adebayor made it 3-1 against Arsenal, it was the most symoblically important goal of his new club’s history.  The comfortable lead proved they can hang with the big boys, and most crucially that they are a genuine challenger for the title.

However, rather than basking in the love of his own fans he chose to run 150 metres to get in the faces of the Gooners fans, and basked in their anger (see above).

Much like Serena and Kanye, he chose a very public platform for public relations suicide.

However, while his American counterparts’ actions were embarrassing, they did at least indicate a passion for their profession.  Williams desperately wanted to get through to the US Open final, and Kanye West was arguing for a fellow professional.  However, both were completely unprofessional in their way of going about it and ended up looking like common thugs.

As a brief aside… what money on Kanye going on a rehab stint for a ‘drug addiction’ and then returning in six months time, re-embraced by Middle America for changing his ways?  It’s the usual approach, and if it worked for Eddie Murphy, Mel Gibson & Hugh Grant it can work for anyone.

Back to the soccerball.  What makes Adebayor different from Serena and Kanye is that his actions were fuelled solely by hatred.  In celebrating in the face of his former fans, Manu showed that his football is more about making others lose, rather than winning himself.  That’s not what sport should be about, and it’s a shame that such great athletic abilities are wasted on such a clearly negative person.

It also proved to the Manchester City fans that what the Togolese cares most about is beating Arsenal, not his new club doing well.  Much like when Gary Neville embarrassed himself and those thick enough to defend him by gloating at Liverpool fans when Manchester United beat them, Adebayor showed himself to be completely devoid of any class or dignity.

He also summed up his waster personality with a disgusting stamp on former team-mate Robin van Persie’s head, which while not life-threatening left the Dutch forward with a bloody scalp.

It’s safe to say he’s lucky Patrick Vieira didn’t resign for Arsenal, because had he been on the pitch Adebayor may not have left it alive.

Gooners fans were furious at Manu's career change

Still, at the end of the game Adebayor was triumphant.  Not only that, he scored a goal (a fantastic header that he turned into a footnote due to his ridiculous celebration).  Sometimes it seems like football’s just not fair.

But then you think that if the Manchester City striker is this consumed with negativity and hate when he is at the peak of his career, just imagine how myopic he will be when he’s in decline?  Or in his 40s?  Removed from the spotlight and the chance to bask in the public’s anger, Adebayor will have a slow and consistent decline.  I’m not one for schaudenfreude, but in this case I’ll relent.

Emmanuel Adebayor, you’re a bad egg and I don’t like you one iota.  Until you announce it was all drug related, check yourself into rehab and then win I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.


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