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(Kiddy) Fiddler On The Roof
September 1, 2009, 5:34 pm
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So the first truly mental thing to happen in the Premiership unveiled itself last weekend.  And bizarrely, Arsene Wenger appears to have come out of it fantastically well despite acting a little bit silly.

With ten seconds remaining in the match between Manchester United and Arsenal, Gunners boss Arsene Wenger was sent to the stands for having the temerity to be moderately angry about his team’s last minute disallowed goal.

Sadly for Mr Wenger and the hapless officials, there was no way for Arsene to get to the stand.  Instead, he had to climb up onto a roof above the dugout where he tried to watch the rest of the game.

In reality the incident was actually good for Wenger and his unquenchable God complex.  The messiah-like pose he pulled out in front of the baying Manchester United scumbags was legendary, and sums up his whole character; definitely mental, but strangely likable.

As for the fans behind him, they are a disgrace.  For about 10 years fans have sung the ‘pocket of sweets’ song to the Arsenal boss.  In case you’re wondering about the filth Wenger has to put up with, here’s a traditionally Irish Manchester United fan to fill you in on the witty banter from the Old Trafford terraces this weekend;

Lovely stuff.  He never reacts to it, and compared to Alex ‘I fear for my safety at the Emirates Stadium’ Ferguson you never hear anything from him about it.

Now at this junction I’d like to admit that I roped you in to this article with a pun about paedophilia.  But before you criticise me, at least that was a fantastically witty pun.  So for this I grant myself immunity.  The chants Wenger has to put up with (and does so extremely admirably) are neither fantastic nor witty.

It seems strange that Sol Campbell can receive so much support after the disgusting racist chants at Spurs last season, yet Wenger’s continual battle against morons goes un-noticed.  I’m not saying Manchester United (or any other club who subject managers to such abuse) should receive a punishment, but how about just getting a representative to come out and say the chants are disgusting would be a good start.

Even Harry Redknapp did that about the Campbell chants.  In this case, if Bobby Charlton came out and said “stop being idiots, he’s a real person” maybe the nonsense would subside.

Until that day, Wenger will have to put up with a baying pack of idiots behind him at most away games.  And hopefully he will continue to not rise to the bait and stand up to them, quite literally in last week’s case.  And if you’re reading this Arsene to show you how much I like you here you are dressed up as a children’s TV favourite.

That’s all for now, I’m a busy boy.


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