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Jilting David Moyes, Fantasy football & celebrating with Anton
August 21, 2009, 11:34 pm
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One of these people is a disfigured freak.  The other is from The Lord Of The Rings

One of these people is a disfigured freak. The other is from The Lord Of The Rings


David Moyes is continuing his over zealous opposition to Manchester City’s attempts to accrue a squad of overpriced international substitutes.

Despite offering a staggering £22m for a player who is the definition of 7.5/10, Everton are refusing to sell their centre half.  It’s certainly got more to do with pride than reality, because with that £22m they could go out and buy two superior defenders.

Rather they obviously don’t want to accept the symbolic handing over of the mantle of ‘the team who challenge the top four’.  Although Everton don’t really ‘challenge’ they could feasibly argue that if they had at least one striker they would have pushed on in the league and maybe caught up with Arsenal.

However, £22m is far too much to turn down just for pride.  More likely, Moyes has prudently judged that the closer Man City get to the transfer window shutting, the more likely they are to spend an even more ludicrous amount of money.

Moyes must know that it is as inevitable that Lescott will leave as it was Rooney would when Manchester United came knocking in 2004.  It’s therefore no surprise he is employing the same tactics as he did when Blue Wayne was leaving;

  1. Treat allegations with bug eyed confusion
  2. Say they’re not going anywhere
  3. Wait for transfer request
  4. Turn it down
  5. Criticise the player in public
  6. Make them train with the reserves
  7. Accept £30m bid
  8. Use the money to build a better team

That’s what I hope the case is anyway, because if David Moyes truly ideologically hates the idea of a rich team stealing his players he’s like an Egyptian in a riverboat: living in denial.

Everton stole Lescott from Wolves just as much as Man City are trying to do now.  Similarly, the new ‘golden boy’ Dan Gosling was snapped up from Plymouth and so on.

In football the money goes down and the players go up.  Just let him go already, Moyesy,  There’s a time to be principled and hold out for more money, but in this instance he’s not that great anyway and Everton should sell up before Mark Hughes gets tired of waiting.



Could this be what he's planning?

Could this be what he's planning?


As you well know, the Ferdinands enjoy a good old caper.

If Les isn’t letting people into the Blue Peter garden, he’s slitting goat’s throats in Turkey.

Should Rio not be out missing a drugs test. you can be sure he’ll be merking his friends on ITV.

Sadly though, poor old Anton is still waiting for his crazydays moment… but he may have come up with a great plan.

It seems young Ferdi is planning a rather exciting Michael Jackson tribute for the next time he scores a goal.  And what better way to remember a man who at best didn’t understand reality and at worst was a paedophile than having a limited centre walking backwards in the north-east of England.

But don’t just blindly take our word for it.  Rather, you should take heed from local phrases everywhere and ‘ark at what he said yoursen’;

“(This summer) my hero Michael Jackson died. Me and Rio had it all arranged to meet Michael in London. I was 10 days away from meeting my idol when he died, and it broke my heart. He was an icon.

“I have been contemplating a tribute to him if I score this season.  I actually thought of putting a glove in my sock to pull out if I score, but it could be down there a couple of years, because I’ve not scored for a while.”

I wonder what his other ideas are.  Oh dear… lock up the family enclosure next time there’s a corner at the Stadium of Light.




As is the Friday tradition, here be my seven fantastic predictions for the weekend’s soccer action.

  1. Arsenal thump Portsmouth by at least 3 goals
  2. But Man City score more against Wolves
  3. Darren Bent bags another goal
  4. Leicester continue their good start by beating Barnsley
  5. Newcastle lose at Crystal Palace
  6. Roy Keane’s Ipswich will be beaten at West Brom, prompting sacking allegations
  7. After the excitement of the new season, Birmingham-Stoke, Sunderland-Blackburn and Hull-Bolton will make people start to fall out of love with football again.  Especially Hull vs Bolton


Of course, you never can be sure with the old soccer game early on in the season.  Who would have predicted that Burnley beat Man United?  Indeed, this fantastical cartoon (shamelessly stolen from the excellent Football 365 Forum) about fantasy football selections  sums it all up rather nicely;



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