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Democracy gone mad, Letsby Avenue, Niall 4 David
December 7, 2008, 9:31 pm
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1. Power To The People

The curse of Big Brother-ism has finally afflicted football.

This weekend, Arsene Wenger was forced to substitute Emmanuel Eboue after the predictably moronoic Arsenal crowd started crying over a couple of bad passes.  Re-read that sentence.  Arsene Wenger, one of the most intelligent and self-righteous men in football, had his hand forced by a baying mob.

Despite the fact Eboue was making his return from a lengthy injury, The Emirates crowd decided that a couple of misplaced passes were simply unacceptable, and they voted with their voices.

Irrespective of the fact that supporters should SUPPORT their players during the match and scrutinise after, what is most worrying is that their interaction had the desired effect.  Wenger listened to the crowd and substituted the African, whose confidence is presumably now shot to pieces.

Ever since interactive TV got big, the old mantra of ‘know your role and shut your mouth’ has been thrown out the window.  Everyone has always thought they know better than those in charge, but now people think that by constantly bitching, everything will be resolved and their utopian imagination will become a reality.

TV execs gave their audiences the ability to control what happens in the public sphere.  This phenomenon has guzzled its way through teen culture (Big Brother), to how famous people should act (I’m a Celebrity), and music (X Factor).

That is  fine within those pre-determined boxes of reality TV shows.  However, recently the craze has gone worryingly over the top.  People seem to think that the whole world is an interactive TV show that is subject to their approval.

Of course we saw it with the Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross witch-hunt, which was the first sign that this referendum craze was going viral.  In the last few weeks, it has become an endemic… it has reached football.

Even before this Eboue debacle, the Anfield crowd booed off their players after a 0-0 draw with West Ham.  The outburst was despite the fact that in drawing the game, Liverpool had moved up to first place (and when was the last time you could say that in December).  But all the fans could care about was the last performance.

In substituting Eboue, Arsenal validated boo-boys all over the country, and has potentially set a precedent for future fans to bay for blood during games.  Of course, this will hopefully reach its suitably soap opera-esque conclusion when Chelsea fans sneak into the Old Trafford home end and call for Ronaldo to be taken off in a Championship decider.

And those Premiership big-boys laugh at Ebbsfleet Town being run by their fans!

2. ‘It Left A Bad Taste In Our Noses’

Sadly, Norwich City won the Old Farm derby 2-0.  On the positive side, that meant that I could post this wonderfully crafted Photoshop of Delia Smith strolling along Letsby Avenue.

Another great positive from The Canaries’ win was Jim Magilton’s incredibly bizarre post-match interview, where he noted that the defeat “left a bad taste in my nose”.

Of course, this is the same manager who last week said that losing away to promotion-chasing Birmingham “didn’t bother” him, and quite spectacularly called one of his players a “mummy’s boy” for going to her funeral (allegedly).  I’m starting to think his great footballing brain of his playing days has not quite transferred into a great managing brain.

Something that would leave a bad taste in my nose would be if Matty Fryatt was to force a budget transfer out of Leicester City in the January transfer window, as rumours suggest.  Last season Fryatt was admittedly as popular as Colin Pitchfork down at the Walkers Stadium, but the club stood by him and kept faith in his abilities through the abyss of 2 goals in a season.

This year, Fryatt has already banged in 22 goals (and he is currently on a run of successive hat-tricks).  However, he has now rejected two contract offers and, rumour has it, is angling for a quick move back to The Championship with local scumbags Derby County.

Matty Fryatt – you helped get us into this mess, and now you are getting us out of it, admittedly pretty single-handedly.  Now finish the job or I’ll hate you forever and ever and ever.

3. You Bet


Put all your money on David O’Leary becoming the next Sunderland manager.  Allardyce won’t go there if he thinks that the Blackburn job will be opening up soon, and Gordon Strachan surely has more sense than to jump at the first English offer that comes his way.

As well as this process of elimination that leads us to old pug-nose, D’OL is probably the most fitting person out there anyway.  He is Irish, presumably mates with Niall Quinn (Arsenal), unemployed and easier to predict than Roy Keane.

I’ve got £10 on him at 15/1.  It’s my biggest ever bet on a single issue, I recommend that you do the same.

Five Things Wot I Learnt This Weekend

1. The Everton PA man sits in the crowd behind the dugout

2. Martin Laursen and Carlos Cuellar are unbelievably good

3. Nemanja Vidic has more goal awareness than Dimitar Berbatov

4. If I played in The Premiership I would want to play for Aston Villa

5. I do not fancy Ricky Hatton’s chances against Manny Pacquiao one bit


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If Laursen and Cuellar are so good why did neither of them clear the ball before it got to Lescott? This is the only thing I can take umbridge with on the site though Mr Reville, a fine offering from which I will pilfer many of the amusant photos for my weekly FFL updates. I’ll give your site a plug as a way of recompense.

Comment by Johnny Curry

JC, after a lifetime supporting Newcastle I can understand why you’re playing the ‘blame game’ with the centre backs, but they were both outstanding!

Anyway, when Lescott Power is unleashed a minimum of two goals is inevitable.

Comment by thensaturdaycomes

[…] let’s not forget who first predicted that, shall we?  All we need is David O’Leary at Sunderland and I’ve won about a million […]

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