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The Balon d’Or and more, more, more
December 3, 2008, 10:40 pm
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Two blogs in the space of 24 hours?  It’s the kind of prolific posting that reminds me of Andy Booth in his 1993-94 pomp.  However, unlike the talismanic Huddersfield Town number 23, this blog is updated out of the primal excitement of youth rather than the lust of pie money.

1. Balon d’Or winner Christiano Ronaldo


Portugeezer Christiano Ronaldo has been voted as the World Player Of The Year, and you can’t really complain.  Although he is clearly a cheating scumbag of the highest order, Ronny banged in 42 goals in 49 games while spearheading Manchester United’s campaigns at home and abroad.  He has truly lived up to his billing of ‘The Premiership Lloyd Dyer’.

What is more surprising about the Balon Dor was that Lionel Messi (injured for most the season) came in second, the European Championship winning Spanish team was largely ignored and the astounding Franck Ribery finished up way down in 16th place.  Here’s the Matty Reville revised list.

1. C.Ronaldo, 2. Xavi, 3. Torres, 4. Ribery, 5. Lloyd Dyer

Disagree? Pull a ‘Matt Simpson’ and let me know in the comments below!

2. Fat Mido lookalike freak-out exposes liberal Hitlers


After an absolutely mental year, Newcastle United have finally started to stabilise and look certain to plod along to a comfortable 13th place position in the table.  No doubt David Craig is already lining up interviews with slobbering Geordies divided whether that means next year they will win the title or will implode to a series of successive relegations.

With all the hyperbole from those crazier fans who dominate the media, you would think that the media would give the long-suffering sane Geordies a bit of respite at this time of year.  It is Christmas after all.  However, it seems that silly season is all year round at Newcastle, after banal allegations of racism towards Fat Mido.

This latest outcry comes after Newcastle fans chanted “shoe bomber” at the bulky Boro forward.  As Mido is a Muslim, lazy journalists have jumped onto this as evidence of Islamophobia from an area stereotypically denounced as full of skinhead racists.

However, the fact remains that if Mido were a Jew, a Buddhist or a Devil worshipper, he would still have an uncanny resemblance to shoe bomber Richard Reid.  And, by extension of ‘I’m not racist I have black mates’ logic, let’s not forget that those same Newcastle fans also voted Muslim Habib Beye as their player of the season last year, a fact left out of knee-jerk newspaper reports on the events at last weekend’s Tyne-Tees derby.

Racism is the act of treating people differently because of their skin colour or religion.  Newcastle fans have not done that.  By not acknowledging a look-a-like simply because the person is a Muslim, the liberal media is advocating treating him differently because of his religion.  Therefore, isn’t it about time we kicked not chanting about Mido’s uncanny likeness to Richard Reid out of football?

3. I love Roy Hodgson


To end the blog on a happier note than all this cumbersome chat about the semantics of look-a-likes, I thought I’d talk about one of the great things about modern football: Roy Hodgson.  Now Roy may not quite be ‘everyone’s favourite granddad’ like Sir Bobby Robson, but he is the closest thing to it.  Probably a kindly uncle.

Nobody seems to notice what he has done at Fulham, but in under a year he has turned them from laughable relegation certainties to a very good mid-table side. Their last four games have seen good wins over Spurs and Newcastle, and highly creditable 0-0 draws at big spending Liverpool and Aston Villa. The Cottagers are currently 10th with a game in hand, and will move up to 7th if they win that.

For some reaon Roy has never really got the respect he deserves in his homeland.  He has managed internationally (Switzerland in the World Cup) and at the continent’s biggest clubs (Inter Milan), but my love for him often falls on deaf ears here in England.  Sadly, Roy is often regarded as a doddery throwback to an old era of football by journalists who faun over flash-in-the-pans like Aidy Boothroyd and Iain Dowie.

If jokers like Harry Redknapp are getting touted for big jobs, I don’t see any reason why the Fulham boss shouldn’t as well.  But he never will.  I can guarantee that when the Manchester City job comes available it will go to some trendy, untested foreign joker like Michael Laudrup.  And then Fulham will do the double over them and everything will be right with the world.

In summary Roy Hodgson is a beautiful, beautiful man.


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